Making your own blogs

Hello! Welcome to the first week of the course. In preparation for the course, you are expected to do 2 things in this first week:

1. Create your own blog. You can use wordpress or weebly a to make a new blog. You can skip this step if you already have a blog of your own. Your blog does not have to be a fancy one, but it must be reader-friendly enough to make others comfortable visiting it and writing comments on your posts. You will post your reflection and essay(s) regularly on this blog.

2. Invite classmates to your blog. Once your new blog has been launched, you will invite your classmates to this blog. I will send out a list of email addresses of all class participants soon.

3. Follow our course’s blog. At the bottom of the main page, you will see a message which says “Follow this blog via email”. Click into this message to follow the blog, which means you will be notified via email whenever there is a new announcement or updates to the blog. You are expected to visit our course’s blog regularly for the latest announcements and updates.

Welcome to the course!

The prevalence of digital technology has had great impact on human mind. While digital technology brings many benefits to students, it also causes many problems, like distraction. The past several decades has witnessed the increasing popularity of contemplative practices, especially mindfulness, in the field of psychology, medicine, and more recently, education. What roles does contemplative practices play in classrooms in the era of booming digital technology? Our course Contemplative Practices and Digital Technology will explore this question.

This course is for Master’s level students residing in different parts of the world, so by placing all the resources on this website we hope to make it accessible to all participants regardless of time differences. The resources are in many forms–regular texts, videos, audios, links to websites, etc. In addition to core materials, the website also provides a wide range of recommended materials with the hope of helping students to delve into the issues they are interested in. The website is also a forum where students exchange their ideas with one another.

I hope you will consider find this site as a home where we explore contemplation and technology together!